Mississauga has had only three mayors in its history. Dr. Martin Dobkin was the city's first mayor in 1974. He was then followed by Ron A. Searle. Searle was defeated by then-city councillor and former mayor of Streetsville, Hazel McCallion. McCallion is regarded as a force in provincial politics and often referred to as Hurricane Hazel, comparing her political force to the devastating 1954 storm that struck the Toronto area. McCallion has won or been acclaimed in every mayoral election since 1978, and in recent years has not even campaigned. She was most recently re-elected for her tenth term in November 2003. She will be running for re-election for this year's election. McCallion is the nation's longest serving mayor and was runner-up in World Mayor 2005.

Mississauga's City Council is comprised of the mayor and nine city councillors, each representing one of the city's nine (soon to be eleven) wards.


Martin L. Dobkin 1974 - 1976  
Ron A. Searle 1976 - 1978  
Hazel McCallion 1978 - Present  

Federal/Provincial ridings

  • Bramalea-Gore-Malton
  • Mississauga—Erindale
  • Mississauga—Brampton South
  • Mississauga East—Cooksville
  • Mississauga South
  • Mississauga—Streetsville